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The scientific fields list of section reports Information technologies in design the St.-Petersburg international conference Regional Informatics - 2012 (RI-2012)

.Information technologies in life cycle of design objects

Information technologies for
1. Identification and the analysis of requirements;
2. Generation and processing of ideas;
3. A material embodiment, maintenance of live ability and recycling of design objects;
4. The organizations of connections in system of design, interaction and cooperation between participants

of design process.

. Development and applications praktice of information technologies in design

1. Information technologies in design of innovations
2. Information technologies as tools of design
3. Advanced developments and applications of information technologies in design, on subject domains of design


 Classification 1
 Classification 2
 Classification 3
 Classification 4

Classification 4 (On directions of design)*

  • Industrial (subject, objective) design - incorporates all areas of the industry
  • Graphic design - everything, that is connected to representation of the visual information, including interfaces, visual communications, firm data carriers (hard copy), and so forth.
  • Design of a fashion and accessories (fashion design) - clothes and ornaments (near the art-design)
  • Design of interiors and the equipment - interiors and ex-terriers, furniture, light and accessories (near the environment design)
  • Environment design - an inhabitancy and abilities to live, urbanistics, landscape design
  • Multimedia - design - design of virtual communications, information and communicative design, including web-design, registration of TV and radio contents, animation, 3D visualization, game - design, a software and interfaces (near graphic design)
  • Art - design - author's textiles, fashionable accessories, a sculpture, kinematic objects, arts and crafts
  • The Theory, researches, pedagogics - a substantiation of bases of a trade, classification, typology, education
  • Future-design (concept-design) - a formulation of concepts of civilization development; innovational design; design nanotechnologies, nanomaterials; System and program design (in some areas near with industrial design, multimedia - design)
  • The note
    *  Classification is submitted (02.03.2010) by A.D. Linetskiy–the vice-president of the St.-Petersburg branch of the Union of Russian Designers
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